O' Casey's Irish Pub en Restaurant

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O' Casey's Irish Pub en Restaurant

Welcome to O'Casey's Irish Pub. Located in the heart of The Hague. O'Casey's is The Hague's most famous International bar and Hollands biggest & nr 1 sports bar.

O'Casey's is established in 1993. The whole interior is designed and build by Irish craftman and imported from Ireland. Over the years O'Casey's has become a household name in The Hague and has become one of the most populair bars for the Expat community and the locals.

Since 2008 O'Casey's has changed management and is totaly renovated in its old style.

Our goal is to be a high quality pub with the best service possible and create an atmosphere where you really feel at home when you enjoy a visit in O'Casey's

Beside being an Irish Pub, where people come together for its famous warm atmosphere, O'Casey's has grown to be one of the biggest bars in Holland to watch Live sports. We have visitors from all over the country, just to see this particular live game which they can not see nowhere else.

People come together in O'Casey's to get this 'being at the game' feeling and watch it together on one of the 4 big screens.

If there is no live game on, the tv's are off in order to stay a pub where people also come together for a personal meeting without the interferance of tv's on all around.

We hope to see you soon for some old fashioned Irish 'craic'.


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O' Casey's Irish Pub en Restaurant
Noordeinde 140
2514GP Den Haag

+31 (0)70 3630698



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