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Disgusting food! Went on Sunday for a brunch with a friend. All the restaurants in the area were packed by 11:30 with a wait list, while Cafe Bedier was empty with only 4 people in it. It's now totally obvious why.

The cook has little to no hygiene and absolutely no clue how to even prepare an omelet. He slapped the tasteless, cold omelet on 2 pieces of untoasted, tasteless, white bread which quickly turned to mush and made the omelet cold. When I asked for this to be corrected, he proceeded to tell me that he has been cooking here for 11 years which means nothing to me. It's clear by the empty cafe, that his food and cooking style is not good for the business, or the place would be busier. But dictating to me how I SHOULD eat the food I am paying for is so out of line. I have been going to this place for 8 years and will never go back after this encounter. The owner really needs to modernize and replace the monkey in the kitchen with someone who can actually cook. How hard is it to make an omelet that is a little bit tasty?

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Bedier Café
Sophialaan 36
1075BS Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 6624415

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